2009 – Visit Sibu Year

2009 – Sibu is going to have its own tourism calendar for the year.

  • 25 April, Love Earth day.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 2-3 May, Sarawak Cub Prix Sibu series.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 10 May, Bukit Aup Jubli Park Run.
  • 23 May, Pesta Gawai.(Sibu Civic Centre)
  • June, opening of Sibu Cultural Heritage Centre.(old SMC building at Wong Nai Siong road)
  • 1 July, Launching of Pandaw River Cruise.(Kingwood Hotel wharf)
  • 3-11 July, Borneo Cultural Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 3-6 July, 26th National Chinese Cultural Festival.(Sibu Town Square
  • 20-22 August, Sibu Food Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 22 August, opening of Hoover Memorial Square.(Island road, Masland church)
  • 22 August-19 September, Bazaar Ramadan.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 22 September, Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidil Fitri.
  • 2-3 October, Lantern Festival/Moon Cake Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 10-11 October, Batang Rajang Challenge.(Sibu Express wharf terminal)
  • 26 October, Yu Lon San Tien En Si Cultural Festival.(Oya road 16 miles)
  • 1-31 December, Christmas Tree Decoration Competition.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 19 December, Christmas Procession cum Carolling.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 31 December, Year End Count Down.(Sibu Town Square)

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I'm a Wedding Photographer @ Sibu. I provide Photography Service of Wedding, Portrait, Event, Birthday, etc...

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  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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