Miss Tourism Intercontinental 2010 Photography Contest @ Sibu

  • Sponsored by Sibu Municipal Council
  • Organized by the Photographic Society of Sibu

Miss Tourism Intercontinental 2010 Photography Contest

  • Date : May 12, 2010 (10am-12noon)
  • Venue : Jade Dragon Temple, mile 17 Oya Road, Sibu

Rules and Regulations:

  1. This contest is open to all.
  2. All photos taken during the contest, shall not be used, prior to the permission of the organiser, for the purpose of Exhibition, Publication and Business activities.
  3. Participation fee: Rm5.00 for members of Photographic Society of Sibu. Rm10.00 for non members and those members who do not pay their annual subscription fees.
  4. Please submit Name, IC number, Address, contact telephone for registration.
  5. Non participating persons are strictly prohibited from taking any photos.
  6. Photographers may use analog or digital cameras.
  7. All photographs submitted for the contest must be taken between 10am-12noon on May 12 at the Jade Dragon Temple, Sibu.
  8. Only individual portrait of the participants of “Miss Tourism Intercontinental 2010” need to be taken, together with partial scenery of the temple.
  9. Only colour prints in 8R size (8” x 12”) are acceptable.
  10. Photographers can summit any number of photos. The number of submitted photos, should also reflect the numbers of “Miss Tourism Intercontinental 2010” (e.g. if a photographer submitted 5 photos, these 5 photos should be of 5 different “Miss Tourism Intercontinental 2010”).
  11. Photos should not be framed, no border lining, and only in glossy paper. (NO metallic paper allowed).
  12. Photos must be submitted together with a CD of the ORIGINAL IMAGES.
  13. All photographs and digital images submitted are not returnable and shall remain the property of Sibu Municipal Council. Owners of the photographs shall grant full and exclusive copyright of their submitted photos to Sibu Municipal Council. Sibu Municipal Council reserves absolute rights to reproduce, publicize and exhibit the photographs in whatever form and medium and in whatever venue, without notification and further payment to the photographers.
  14. Photographs submitted for the contest must be the original work of the photographer.
  15. Submitted photographs should have full particulars of the photographer pasted at the back of each photograph.
  16. A photographer can only qualify for ONE prize.
  17. Photographs will be judge on the basis of composition, clarity, technique, content, colour. The judges have the option to change the judging criteria without notice.
  18. Only slight adjustment/enhancements which are restricted to sharpness, colour balance, curve, level and contrast of the submitted photos are allowed. manipulation of the content of a photograph is strictly prohibited.
  19. The decision of the judges is final and no queries on the result will be entertained.
  20. All prizes must be collected personally at a later date, winners will be informed accordingly.
  21. All entries must reach the organizer by 12 noon, Monday, May 17, 2010 to:

The Organiser,
Mr. Steve Ling  (H/P 012 891 2569),
Swan Photo Centre,
NO.23A, Channel Road, Sibu.

*** Late Entries will NOT BE ACCEPTED***


  • 1st prize   = RM500 + certificate
  • 2nd prize = RM300 + certificate
  • 3rd prize  = RM200 + certificate
  • Consolation prize = RM100 + certificate (10 consolation prizes)

Source from The Photographic Society of Sibu


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