Malaysia Chinese Culture Photo Open Contest 2011

Malaysia Chinese Culture Photo Open Contest 2011

The Chinese has been settling down in Malaysia for more than a century, and their ancestors had brought with them many of the cultures and traditions from their ancient land. These cultures and traditions were modified at times, and localized due to environmental differences. Eventually with the leap of time, these arts and skills had transformed into a unique specialty, which belongs only to the people of Malaysia. The major aim of this photo contest is to maintain and  reserve these valuable arts and cultures, to share, to learn and enhance towards a better understanding and most importantly, to ignite the flame of interest  among the younger generation. We sincerely invite all fellow photographers in Malaysia, regardless of races and walks of life, to participate and be part of this  event with big cash prizes to be won.
Among these arts, events and festivals (subjects) are the Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn, Dragon boats, includes Chinese wedding, martial arts, dragon and lion dances, Chinese chess, cooking, brush writing and painting, musical dancing and singing, religion, attires, educational, cultural presentations, delivery of the baton for the Chinese Culture Festival, etc.

Download Competition Rules and Forms Here

Source from Sabah Art and Photographic Society


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