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X’mas Girl – Sabrina

Best wishes from Kevin Hii PHOTOGRAPHY











New Colour Method ~ Mushroom

Apply my New Color Method on macro shot…


New Colour Method ~ Freedom

The photo below that I saw an article from web and I impressive with the color of the photographer setting.Wow! then try to extract his article but not show the step but only the sample. I spend 3 days to extract the technique.

Finally, having some result…^^. So, hope I can manage this new color method well. Peace^^v.



Adobe releases Lightroom 3.2, ACR 6.2 & DNG Converter 6.2

Adobe has released Photoshop Lightroom 3.2, Camera Raw 6.2 and DNG Converter 6.2. These are final versions of updates that were originally posted as ‘release candidates’ on the Adobe Labs site, and are now available for immediate download. The latest versions provide final RAW support for sixteen recent cameras, including the Canon EOS 60D and Sony Alpha NEX-5. The updates also add more than 120 lens profiles and fix a number of bugs.

Click here to download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v3.2 (Windows)

Click here to download Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter v6.2 (Windows)

Read more @ dpreview

Saildance II

Saildance II from USA visiting Rajang River, Sibu. (HDR Photography)

Saildance II

The Photographic Society of Sibu have a visit to Saildance II ^^

Front: Virginia & Peter, Back: Philip, Steve, Kevin, April, Harley & CT

We have dinner together…

Visit Steve Ling Blog too…

Panorama HDR Photography – Lembangan Multi-Storey Carpark Complex, Sibu

Another Panorama HDR Photography ~ Lembangan Multi-Storey Carpark Complex, Sibu.  This photo took me some time to finished it…..

Lembangan Multi-Storey Carpark Complex, Sibu

Panorama HDR Photography – RH Hotel, Sibu

Today, try to took photo of  RH Hotel. I’m using Panorama HDR Photography Method crop to normal photo size, Weather not good, so…. sky editing with the photoshop  XD…..

RH Hotel, Sibu

Panorama HDR Photography – S.M.C Multi-Storey CarPark, Sibu

Today’s Panorama HDR Photography – S.M.C Multi-Storey CarPark, Sibu

S.M.C Multi-Storey CarPark, Sibu

Panorama HDR Photography – Masland Methodist Church

Today, I have a try to take the Panorama HDR Photography, the result came out very nice. XD

Masland Methodist Church, Sibu

Masland Methodist Church, Sibu

Masland Methodist Church, Sibu

Sibu Night Scene

My first night scene photo using HDR technique & some photoshop editing.


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