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Malaysia Chinese Culture Photo Open Contest 2011

Malaysia Chinese Culture Photo Open Contest 2011

The Chinese has been settling down in Malaysia for more than a century, and their ancestors had brought with them many of the cultures and traditions from their ancient land. These cultures and traditions were modified at times, and localized due to environmental differences. Eventually with the leap of time, these arts and skills had transformed into a unique specialty, which belongs only to the people of Malaysia. The major aim of this photo contest is to maintain and  reserve these valuable arts and cultures, to share, to learn and enhance towards a better understanding and most importantly, to ignite the flame of interest  among the younger generation. We sincerely invite all fellow photographers in Malaysia, regardless of races and walks of life, to participate and be part of this  event with big cash prizes to be won.
Among these arts, events and festivals (subjects) are the Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn, Dragon boats, includes Chinese wedding, martial arts, dragon and lion dances, Chinese chess, cooking, brush writing and painting, musical dancing and singing, religion, attires, educational, cultural presentations, delivery of the baton for the Chinese Culture Festival, etc.

Download Competition Rules and Forms Here

Source from Sabah Art and Photographic Society


Sabah Photo Festival

The 1st Sabah Photo Festival will be held on 19th to 21st August 2011 at 1Borneo.

Please visit the festival website at for registration and more information.

Source from Sabah Art & Photographic Society

Rajang River Photo Safari 2010 Contest – Result

I win a finalist prize @ this photo contest ^^v


Rajang River Photo Safari 2010 Contest – Entries Photo

My entries photo for the Rajang River Photo Safari 2010 Contest : )

Open Category

Creative Category

Rajang River Photo Safari 2010 Contest

Theme: Nature, Culture and Great Adventure

  • Photographs must depict the natural scenery along the Rajang River and its tributaries, culture and lives of the people living along the rivers, flora and fauna and mode of transport along the rivers

Rules and Regulations

  1. This contest is open to all, including foreign participants.The contest is divided into 3 categories: (1) Open (2) Most Creative Photographer (3) Young Photographer.
  2. All photographs for the contest must be taken between September 15, 2009 to September 15, 2010, in places along the Rajang River and its tributaries.
  3. Photographers may use analog or digital cameras. Digital camera must be 5MP and above.
  4. Only colour prints in 8R size (8” x 12”) are acceptable.
  5. Photographers can summit any number of photos. Photos should not be framed and can be in glossy paper.
  6. Photos must be submitted together with a CD with the ORGINAL images. The size of the digital image shall be at least 2MB. (ORGINAL means no digital alternation/manipulation in any manner).
  7. All photographs and digital images submitted are not returnable and shall remain the property of Kingwood Hotel Group. All the owners of the photographs shall grant full and exclusive copyright of their submitted photos to the organiser, the Kingwood Hotel Group.Kingwood Hotel Group reserves absolute rights to reproduce, publicize and exhibit the photographs in whatever form and medium and in whatever venue, without notification and further payment to the photographers.
  8. All expenses incurred are the sole responsibility of the photographer. The organiser, however, will arrange one photo safari at discounted prices to either Kapit or Katibas. The departure date will be announced at an appropriate time.
  9. The organizers shall not be liable to any loss or damage of personal belongings, including the camera equipment and any bodily injuries due to accidents.
  10. Photographs submitted for the contest must be the original work of the photographer. They must not have won prizes in any other contest nor have they been previously published in any form of media elsewhere.
  11. Each photograph must be submitted with an entry form pasted on the back. Multiple entries can be stored in just one CD for submission.
  12. Entry form can be downloaded from Photocopy of the entry forms are acceptable. Entry forms are also available from (1) the office bearers of the Photographic Society of Sibu (PSS) .Please refer to PSS’s blog for their contacts. (2) The Star newspaper (published every Saturday, and Wednesday in the Metro section).
  13. There is a registration fee for this photography contest. Malaysians pay RM10/-. Non Malaysians pays USD10/-.Students pay RM5/-
  14. A photographer may submit any number of entries and each participant can qualify for more than one prize.
  15. Photographs will be judge on the basis of composition, clarity, technique, content, colour and caption. The judges have the option to change the judging criteria without notice.
  16. Only slight adjustment/enhancements which are restricted to sharpness, colour balance, curve, level and contrast of the submitted photos are allowed. Photographs failing to adhere to these guidelines will be disqualified. (However only original digital files are accepted)
  17. The Young Photographer Prize is for participants 13-18 years old. Young participants must obtain endorsement or consent from their parents or teachers
  18. The Most Creative Photographer Prize is for photographers who submit photographs which are digitally enhanced. They should submit photographs together with a CD with the enhanced images.
  19. The decision of the judges is final and no queries on the result will be entertained.
  20. Winners will be notified by phone or email.
  21. The organizer shall not be responsible for photographs damaged or lost during mail. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.
  22. The organizer reserves the right to substitute the prizes to others of equivalent value as it deems fit.By participating in these competitions, participants agree to abide by the above rules and regulations as well as the decisions of the organizer and the judges.
  23. All prizes must be collected personally at a prize-giving ceremony at Kingwood Hotel, Sibu at the end of October, 2010 in conjunction with the soft opening of the hotel’s new extension. The actual date will be announced later.
  24. All winning entries will be on display at a photo exhibition at Kingwood Hotel, Sibu, at the end of October, 2010.
  25. All entries must reach the following address on or before 30th September, 2010:

Mr. Philip Hii
The Organising Chairman,
Rajang River Photo Safari
C/O Kingwood Hotel,
No. 12, Lorong Lanang 4,
96000 Sibu , Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: 6-0168603338

  • Prizes:

  • 1st prize: RM4000 + certificate
  • 2nd prize: RM2,500 + certificate
  • 3rd prize: RM1,500 + certificate
  • 10 consolation prizes of RM300 each + certificate
  • 30 prizes of RM50 each for finalists.
  • Young Photographer Prize: RM500 + certificate
  • Most Creative Photographer Prize: RM500 + certificate
  • Organising Committee:
    • Mr. Philip Hii
    • Mr. Roger Tiong (FRPS)
    • Mr. Hii Che Siew (FRPS)
    • Mr. Steve Ling
    • Mr. Abang Abdul Khalid
    • Mr. Suhardy Busserah.
  • Advisor: Mr. Hii King Chiong, CEO of Kingwood Hotel Group
  • Official Hotel: Kingwood Hotel, Sibu

for more info please visit:

Mr. Philip Hii

The Organising Chairman,

Rajang River Photo Safari

C/O Kingwood Hotel,

No. 12, Lorong Lanang 4,

96000 Sibu , Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: 6-0168603338

HDR Panorama Photography – Sibu Central Market

This year 1st Panorama + HDR Photography ……

Sibu Central Market

Sarawak Events’ Calender 2010

Kaul Festival in Mukah 2009

Kaul Festival in Mukah 2009

Sarawak Events’ Calender  2010

  • 17-25 April: Mukah Kaul Festival (Thanksgiving Festival of the Melanau, seafaring community in Mukah) –> Kaul is a traditional festival celebrated by the Melanau living along the coast of central Sarawak region. The festival is a ritual of purification and thanksgiving to the spirit of the sea as well as one of the propitiation for good fortune.
  • 14-15 May: Miri International Jazz Festival.
  • 1-3 June: Irau Aco Lun Bawang (Pesta Lung Bawang) –> this festival is traditionally a celebration of the rice harvest, but now it showcases a variety of Lun Bawang culture and events such as Ruran Ulung (beauty pageant contest) and ngiup suling (bamboo musical instrument band).(in Lawas)
  • 4-6 June: Pesta Babulang (Buffalo Race Festival –> Pesta Babulang is a buffalo race festival which is significant to Bisaya community in Limbang. (Organised by the Bisaya Association and introduced as a tourism event for the area. (in Limbang)
  • 16-25 July: Borneo Cultural Festival –> a week-long celebration of food, music and dances celebrating the diverse cultural background of Borneo community such as Iban (Dayak), Melanau, Malay and Chinese. BCF stands as Sibu biggest tourism event. (in Sibu)
  • 8-11 July: Rainforest World Craft Bazaar (in conjunction with Rainforest World Music Festival) (in Kuching, at Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong)
  • 9-11 July: Rainforest World Music Festival (Santubong, Kuching)
  • 31 July-2 August: Sarawak Regatta (at Kuching Waterfront)
  • 2 August: Kuching Street Parade (part of Kuching Festival held the whole month of August)
  • 17-22 September: Sarawak Inter-Cultural Moon Cake Festival ( at Carpenter Street, Kuching)
  • 17-26 September: Lantern Festival (Sibu Town Square)
  • 29 September-4 October: Borneo International Kites Festival (at Old Airport Compound, Bintulu)
  • 4-9 October: Borneo International Yachting Challenge (in Miri)

Source from Steve Ling Blog

Model Photography Competition @ Kuching

Model Photography Competition at Kuching organized by Sarawak Photographic Society. We have 7 member of  The Photographic Society of Sibu to join the photo contest. This trip I with C.S.Hii, Leong & Ms.Kho. It was fun.

Group Photo for Starting Shoot

Group Photo for Starting Shoot

C.S.Hii & Models Ms. Chung & Ms. Pamela

C.S.Hii & Models Ms. Chung & Ms. Pamela

Chung, Kevin, Pamela

Chung, Kevin, Pamela

Ending Group Photo

Ending Group Photo

2009 – Visit Sibu Year

2009 – Sibu is going to have its own tourism calendar for the year.

  • 25 April, Love Earth day.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 2-3 May, Sarawak Cub Prix Sibu series.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 10 May, Bukit Aup Jubli Park Run.
  • 23 May, Pesta Gawai.(Sibu Civic Centre)
  • June, opening of Sibu Cultural Heritage Centre.(old SMC building at Wong Nai Siong road)
  • 1 July, Launching of Pandaw River Cruise.(Kingwood Hotel wharf)
  • 3-11 July, Borneo Cultural Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 3-6 July, 26th National Chinese Cultural Festival.(Sibu Town Square
  • 20-22 August, Sibu Food Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 22 August, opening of Hoover Memorial Square.(Island road, Masland church)
  • 22 August-19 September, Bazaar Ramadan.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 22 September, Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidil Fitri.
  • 2-3 October, Lantern Festival/Moon Cake Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 10-11 October, Batang Rajang Challenge.(Sibu Express wharf terminal)
  • 26 October, Yu Lon San Tien En Si Cultural Festival.(Oya road 16 miles)
  • 1-31 December, Christmas Tree Decoration Competition.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 19 December, Christmas Procession cum Carolling.(Sibu Town Square)
  • 31 December, Year End Count Down.(Sibu Town Square)
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